Terms and Conditions Sartomy

General Terms and Conditions


1. Applications of the general sales conditions

1.1 SARTOMY is a service company, specializing in the personalization and creation of textiles, the personalization of objects through the site www.sartomy.com

1.2 These general sales conditions (hereinafter “GSC”) are applicable to all SARTOMY services except for express exceptions written in the detailed estimate (hereinafter “Quotation”) or in the special conditions addressed to the Customer. Any contrary stipulation that may appear in the GSC or any other contractual document issued by the Customer is unenforceable against SARTOMY. These GSC will also apply to future contractual relations with the Customer, without prior notification.

1.3 The Customer declares to have read the GSC and to have accepted them without reservation before calling on the services of SARTOMY.

2. Definitions and terms