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sustainable branded clothing

    How to Choose the Right Branded Clothing for Your Company

    Mastering the Corporate Look: A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Branded Clothing for Your Company Are you tired of seeing your workers dressed…

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    Branded Hoodies

      5 Reasons Why Branded Hoodies are the Ultimate Marketing Tool

      Unleashing the Power of Branded Hoodies: 5 Reasons They’re the Ultimate Marketing Tool Looking for a marketing instrument that will lea…

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            Frequently asked question

            What are your most popular custom branded clothing?

            Generally speaking, t-shirts and sweatshirts are the most popular choices. Our clients often opt for for organic cotton t-shirts or recycled jackets proving the importance of sustainable, high quality products.

            What are the available customization options for company branded clothing?

            The available customization options for company branded clothing may vary depending on the specific product being ordered. Common decoration techniques include embroidery or screen printing.  Then you can choose from a variety of color options, size ranges, and in some cases the addition of specific features such as pockets or buttons. It's best to consult with our team to discuss your specific needs and determine what customization options are available for the desired branded clothing items.

            How to create company branded clothing on Sartomy?

            The process for ordering company branded clothing at Sartomy typically involves the following steps:

            • Initial consultation/meeting to discuss your company's specific needs and requirements
            • Selection of the desired branded clothing items and customization options
            • Review and approval of the final design and product specifications
            • Production and delivery of the branded clothing
            To create custom branded apparel, you need a logo or design, the sizes that would fit your clients or employees. Our team will help you chose the decoration technique that suits best your design.

            What are the sizes of corporate branded clothing you offer?

            The sizes of custom apparel we propose usually range from XS to 3XL. For certain products, we can go up to 4XL. Usually it is best to know in advance what sizes your employees need. In case you want to make a gift, we generally advice to order from S to XL in order to be sure you will please everyone.